Save Jersey. Save America.

Save Jersey.

Save America.

We Need More Common Sense. Do You Agree?

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New Jersey and our Nation are at a Crossroads.

Right now in New Jersey and across the country, citizens are facing some of the most important issues we will tackle in our lifetime. Threats to our individual and civil liberties, out-of-control spending, skyrocketing debt, government incompetence on expected services, indifference to the plight of the middle class and outright attacks on families define current leaders and too many politicians are focused on supporting radicals and extremists instead of standing with the brave men and women in Law Enforcement. Enough already. It’s time to stand up and fight.

Meet Bill Spadea

Bill Spadea is an entrepreneur, media personality, father, husband and vocal advocate for working and middle class families. Spadea is the top morning drive talk show host in New Jersey on 101.5 FM. For seven years he hosted a successful show on FOX TV, “Chasing News with Bill Spadea.” He’s done a little bit of everything over his 25-plus year career, serving as a political strategist, analyst, candidate for office and business executive.

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