Save Jersey. Save America.

Government and corporate elites devised a response to COVID-19 which has only exacerbated current problems, crushing small businesses by driving our workforce away from their jobs and threatening everyone’s freedom with endless mandates and questionable motives which are causing more harm than good, especially for our children.

Partisan rhetoric is not the answer. It’s time to restore common sense in New Jersey and America… And get our state and country back on track. That’s why Bill Spadea launched the Common Sense Club, to engage Americans like you who think it’s time for a little old fashioned common sense to solve our biggest problems.

Bill Spadea

Founder & President, Common Sense Club

Our Mission

Too many of our fellow Americans are so overwhelmed with propaganda that they really don’t know what to believe any longer. That’s where we come in at the Common Sense Club. Well-researched positions that will help educate the public and frame the issues that politicians SHOULD be fighting for…

  • Ending Critical Race Theory in our Schools
  • Empowering Parents In our Schools
  • Reducing the size of government.
  • Ending ALL vaccine discrimination
  • Taking the Masks off the kids 
  • Following Science AND the Constitution
  • Reducing the Tax Burden on Working families
  • Streamlining and Modernizing Government
  • Developing our power and Transportation infrastructure – WITHOUT raising taxes
  • And more…

Our mission is to inform voters on the issues that REALLY matter, and to expose those who are working AGAINST the common sense we all need restored to our government.

Your help to our cause goes a long way as we gear up to restore common sense, critical thinking and American values to our communities. We are fighting the elite tyrants daily, but we need your help.