Will New Jersey Have The Summer of Violence? 

Florida again mapping the way for the rest of us to see how life can be better.

Imagine you’re walking down the boardwalk in Long Branch after a great meal at Sirena’s. You can smell the salt air, taste the ice cream and hear the sound of the surf. Then suddenly you’re surrounded by thousands of unruly teens and twentysomethings.

The rowdiness, cursing, pushing, shoving and eventual fists flying was not the night you set out to have.

Part of the problem in New Jersey is that there are few penalties for underage alcohol and pot consumption in public. Remember when the cops were told to back off by the governor and the corrupt elites in the Legislature? This bad law set the stage for potential violence in our streets.

What happened over this past weekend needs to be the last time the Jersey Shore has to suffer the fools in Trenton. It’s time to crack down on unruly behavior. Period.

A good model is the anti-riot law passed in Florida. Of course, it was challenged and is making its way through the courts, but the message and results protecting public safety are important and long-lasting.

We have a proposed bill that Sens. Joe Pennachio, R- Morris, and Bob Singer, R-Ocean, put up last year when the same thing happened in Long Branch.

We cannot allow the “social justice warriors” to label public safety as racist. We cannot allow our streets to be ruled by the mob. We cannot strip police officers of their power and duty to protect and serve.

Violence has no skin color. Violence against peaceful people and businesses cannot and should not be tolerated. Sadly in New Jersey, the governor and his legislative shills will use the power of government to create a divide between you and your children.

They’ll use the power of government to lock down free people in the name of “public health.” They’ll over-regulate and over-tax with zero regard for what truly keeps our economy going and they will tell you everything is done for your safety.

We know that government has the power to solve this issue. The inaction and silence from the governor over the weekend is telling. Is he really willing to risk your community to virtue signal to the radicals that he’s far-Left enough to be a credible candidate for president? It sure seems that way.