Training Boys To Be Men

It’s football season. Forget the pros, I mean high school football in Jersey!

My wife Jodi and I went to see my friend Tommy Farrell, who produced for me at the radio station and on my former TV show “Chasing News,” at his new job. Tommy was a great producer for sure, but he has found his calling.

He’s the new head coach of the Manchester High School football team. One of the great things about football is it’s a chance to teach young boys how to toughen up to be young men. Looking at the enthusiasm, discipline, and passion of this football team, Tommy is the right leader at the right time.

We live in a world where corporate media encourages those disparaging men, manhood, and manliness. The absurd and dangerous term “toxic masculinity” has been introduced and pushed making the job of dads and coaches that much harder.

The term itself is used to further emasculate men into thinking that toughness and courage are negative instead of the critical foundation of a free society.

After two-plus years of panic, lockdowns, and fear-mongering from weak-minded government officials hiding behind and using junk science to empower and enrich themselves, many people are seeing the light and standing up for normal.

One way this pushback is being highlighted is on the football field.

It’s toughness and a desire to win combined with sportsmanship and respect for the other side.

Families turning out to watch and cheer the kids on a hot Saturday at the end of summer is about as American as it gets.

The Sept. 3 game was Tommy’s debut game as head coach, and he and the team came to play and win.

The boys scored a huge victory for the Manchester Hawks over the Lakewood Piners 43 to 26. It was an offensive battle from going with QB Aiden Lunn passing for 126 yards with a TD. Running back Josh Love, a junior at Manchester, had a monster day with 3 TDs. Senior Eli Casalan got in on the action with a rushing TD. It was a huge win for all involved. One of the great moments happened after the game, as Coach Farrell jogged off the field to greet his mentor and coach, and former New Egypt HS football head coach, his dad, Thomas Farrell.

Out of respect and admiration for his dad, Tommy is carrying on the tradition of coaching in a shirt and tie.

Both men deserve our respect for carrying on a great tradition of American youth football, and more importantly, recognizing and implementing the practice of turning young boys into strong men.

It’s events like this that give me confidence in the future of our great state and country.

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