Thieves Targeting You? NJ Polls Say It’s Your Fault.

So sick of politicians acting as if we need them to tell us to lock our cars.

We know that there has been a rash of cars stolen and broken into for valuables. Obviously, it’s smarter to keep your car locked. I lock my car and set the alarm with the key fob even when it’s in the garage.

That said, New Jersey is a sanctuary state and has served as a bit of a magnet for people coming to the U.S. illegally.

We know the impact this has had on public safety when it comes to sexual predators being released despite detainer orders from federal immigration enforcement.

In addition, the morally bankrupt and irresponsible governor has been using COVID as an excuse to literally release convicted criminals into your neighborhood.

Combine that with the war on cops being fueled by irresponsible media outlets and you have a perfect storm for a rise in crime.

Of course, you have to be responsible and lock your car and avoid leaving valuables, especially in plain sight, in the vehicle. But that said, it’s time New Jersey elects politicians who understand the struggle of working and middle-class families in New Jersey.