The Real Threat To Kids Isn’t Covid

More kids die each year from drowning than are reported to have died with COVID.  According to reports obtained from the CDC, around 900 kids die EVERY year from drowning.

Since last March, fewer than 700 kids are reported to have died with COVID. We also know that the real-world results from Sweden showed clearly throughout the height of the pandemic through June of 2020, 1.8 million kids aged 0-15 were forced to stay in school by public policy officials – no distance, no masks and no vaccine available.

The result? no deaths from covid. ZERO.

The grim reality seemingly ignored by corporate media and national policy makers in the US  is that kids are dying from cancer, accidents and suicide at alarming rates. This should be the focus of public health officials and doctors. Not forcing a jab for a virus that leaves kids virtually untouched. Conclude what you will from this data that is available publicly.

Where is the evidence that masks have saved lives? Where is the evidence that vaccine mandates have saved lives? Where is the evidence that kids are safer masked up and vaxxed?

Seems the preponderance of evidence – given the states that are fully open in the US having lower death and infection rates – shows clearly that covid protocols simply does not do what the media wants you to believe. Again, this is my opinion, but I’m pretty confident that the facts and evidence show beyond a reasonable doubt that I’ve been right since February 2020.