Spadea’s Weekly Reads: Why I’ve said the Pandemic Is Over.

As you know, I offer my strong opinion every day on the air from everything from police work to covid policy and get challenged constantly. The good news is that I’m well read and informed so I’m ready for any challenge to my fact-based opinions. Every once in a while, I like to share some of the articles I’ve read that helped me formulate my informed opinion. Here are today’s reads with my comments:

  1. The Real Threats To Kids: More kids die each year from drowning than are reported to have died with COVID.  According to reports obtained from the CDC, around 900 kids dies EVERY year from drowning. Since last March, fewer than 700 kids are reported to have died with COVID. Additionally, kids are dying from cancer, accidents and suicide at alarming rates. This should be the focus of public health officials and doctors. Not forcing a jab for a virus that leaves kids virtually untouched. Conclude what you will from this data that is available publicly.
  1. New Pandemic of the Vaccinated? European News PHS Report: Fully Vaccinated Account For 9 In Every 10 Covid-19 Deaths Over The Past 4 Months – Era of Light jumped at a report from Public Health Scotland reporting that in the past four months 9 out of 10 reported deaths were among those who had received the COVID vaccine. This was reported by many news agencies in Europe and in South America. The link in many reports has been taken down, but thankfully the ‘Rio Times’ saved a PDF of the original report. Thankfully there is a screen shot from the report because the official PHS link is now disabled – funny how that happened after a UK Doc posted it on Instagram, coincidence?  We already know that reportedly 9 out of 10 UK adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine.  So it stands to reason and should come as no surprise that the rise in cases and hospitalizations is going to impact the vaccinated. Other questions that should be raised by the media include, how many died with comorbidities? How many we’re admitted for something unrelated to a respiratory illness but then received a PCR test? How many cycles were used in the test, especially now that we know the higher the cycle count, the greater the chance of a false positive. Regarding whether Covid is the killer the government and media want you to beleive, let’s keep in mind that we know from the CDC reports that 94% of the deaths reported  CDC Finds that 94% of US COVID-19 Deaths Include Comorbid Factors – SWFI ( in the US had between two and three co-morbidities. So, the question you have to ask when facing this information is whether the news got the report wrong…or if the government took it down because it feeds the resistance to the forced jab. These are all legitimate questions that deserve asking. Sadly, American media is on the side of big pharma and Biden so don’t expect to see anything more than vaccine propaganda. Similar reports can be found in Israel similar to those in the UK. After reports in Israel that a majority of hospitalized patients have received the vaccine for COVID, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that the immunity conferred from the vaccine is waning. 
  2. Natural Immunity Is Real and MOST effective: Dr. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins University has been a champion of the facts surrounding natural immunity for months now. Calling out US policy makers for ignoring the simple fact that natural immunity is strong. With most people either vaccinated or having had covid, the pandemic is over in my humble opinion. 
  3. We Have A Simple and Inexpensive Covid Treatment Available: Reports from Indonesia show clearly that a treatment for COVID not only exists but is highly effective. The government agencies received an emergency authorization to deliver Ivermectin to treat hospitalized patients. COVID Cases In Indonesia Plummet Thanks To Ivermectin, Not The Vaccines : World : Christianity Daily Even in the US, local media reports that a judge ordered IVermectin to be used to treat covid patients. 

The bottom line is that it is a daily battle to stay ahead of the social media and google censors. I’m sick and tired of all the misinformation. And that corporate ‘fact-checkers’ all seem to all have the same conclusions suppressing any fact or discussion related to opposing vaccine mandates. Whether you decide that you’d rather take the risk of the shot or face the risk of covid, should be up to you as a free person. But it’s getting awfully hard to have ‘informed consent’ when anything opposing mandates is canceled.

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