Spadea: Time to Focus on Co-Morbidities instead of Covid

As the big pharma companies and hospitals continue the never-ending push for pills and vaccines for healthy people who have nearly zero risk of dying from Covid, we are ignoring one of the most important facts. The fact that nearly all people who have died with a positive covid test, had between two and three comorbidities. We live in a nation where we have out-of-control obesity, with nearly half of all Americans considered obese, unhealthy eating habits with so much processed and sugar filled foods, and very few getting the exercise that healthy humans need. With 330 million Americans, the sheer number of people this accounts for is staggering. Given the incredibly low risk of dying with covid for healthy and unhealthy people, it would seem that Covid isn’t the problem. The problem is the unhealthy lifestyle that plagues nearly all age groups in the US. What if we started focusing on addiction, diabetes, heart disease and the incredible benefits of healthy eating, exercise and hydration? 

We see the numbers across the globe as nations which are totally open – like Sweden – have achieved near ‘zero covid’. Days without even one positive case reported and fewer and fewer hospitalized patients. Interesting that ‘zero covid’ was the stated goal of so many authoritarian bureaucrats calling for endless lockdowns.  Austrians who chose to remain unvaccinated are now essential under ‘house arrest’. Australians are being harassed by overzealous police enforcing draconian mask and stay-at-home orders. 

Closer to home, we’re seeing states like Florida and Texas, to name just two of the dozens, which are open and have also achieved nearly ‘zero covid’. College football stadiums are packed with 80,000 kids every Saturday and the NFL is back filling stadiums with unmasked and uncertain vaccine status patrons – and yet, no outbreak. No filling hospitals. No crisis.  By contrast, lockdown states like NJ and New York are still showing transmission and positive tests at much higher rates than the open states. The politicians in those states are calling for more extreme measures – including forcing masks and spreading vaccine propaganda targeting healthy children and desperate parents. If the vaccine was the end -all cure for covid, why did Florida, Texas, Georgia and countries like Sweden see the curve flatten BEFORE the vaccines were readily available? If masks worked to stop the spread so well, why are masked countries like Canada, Australia and Austria all seeing huge numbers in covid infections? If covid is so deadly to healthy people, why are the stadiums packed every weekend with no covid outbreaks? No spike in hospitalizations? I’m old enough to remember the late winter and early spring of 2020 when I warned that closing the country would have disastrous consequences. It was during that same time that I had conversations on the morning show about the rapidly mutating virus that spread further with every mutation…but a sobering article from the National Institutes of Health should calm fears if we’re actually listening to science.

“In response, we can look to the 2002–2003 SARS-CoV epidemic. Large deletions in the open reading frame 8 (ORF8) region and mutations in the spike (S) protein were discovered during the early stages of the outbreak and eventually dominated the epidemic, suggesting that these were adaptations to humans12,13. Based on this observation, some hypothesized that virus genetic changes in part drove the SARS epidemic, but this claim is unsubstantiated14. So, could SARS-CoV-2 adapt in the same way? Yes. Will adaptation precipitate more deaths? Unlikely.”

Remember, so many of the PCR tests that are coming back positive are from healthy people – as everyone from government workers to bank tellers are forced to test – this perpetuates the narrative of fearing ‘asymptomatic’ people – AKA HEALTHY.  And how many unhealthy people who have tested positive upon entering a hospital have serious comorbidities? Now imagine for a moment we stopped testing healthy people and practiced the ‘Focused Protection‘ advocated by some of the leading medical minds in the world from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford? Imagine if the entire nation followed the lead of Sweden and Florida? If you live in the the 42 states not requiring masks on kids as young as 2, or one of the 9 states which have either banned mask mandates or refuse to enforce them, you don’t have to imagine. The reality of a post covid world has already set in for most of the nation and the world, unfortunately, for the scared people in NJ waiting for government and big pharma to ‘save’ them, it sure looks like a return to full normal is gonna take some time.

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