Spadea: Time to End Discriminatory Mandates AND fix our cities.

African-American Perspective on Mandates And Government Policy.

Billy Prempeh is a business leader, web designer, veteran and candidate for US Congress. He is also very concerned about vaccine mandates – especially the impact on the Black community in America. He goes through a historical analysis of US Government mandates impacting the Black and African American community. He offers his fact-and history supported opinion on why the percentage of Covid-vaxxed Americans is the lowest among Black Americans. His video has been viewed on multiple platforms more than 6 million times. He joined me to discuss his mission to educate and increase understanding of the hesitancy, which is not just about the vaccine but based on an overall lack of trust in American government policy. 

One of the topics we expanded on is the harmful condition in American politics where skin color often defines voting expectations. Billy is aggressively trying to change the narrative of expectations and get people thinking critically again. His policy ideas for empowering families stuck beyond the barrier of institutional racism in the form of dependency on Government need to be a part of the conversation. He ran for Congress in 2020 and although he came up short against the incumbent he is running again. We discussed the details of why so many black Americans don’t trust the US Government and what needs to be done going forward.

I have addressed this issue many times and it’s clear we need more common sense in the dialogue. Remember when both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Chris Christie BOTH took credit for a drop in crime in the nation’s most dangerous city, Camden NJ? Neither addressed the root of the problem which is the lack of economic opportunity and investment into cities. Neither addressed the fact that for decades many of our cities have had the highest cost per student for education and the highest government subsidies for housing and income. Neither properly addressed the need for families and faith communities to be empowered so that people can rise above government handouts. None of this can occur without first securing our streets. The first part of the answer is to reduce crime of course. But to celebrate a drop in crime without following up with an action plan to stimulate the economy and aggressively push back on the anti-cop media narrative is a short-term, hollow solution at best.

The US Government needs to drop the covid-panic driven mandates and focus on economic development in our cities. Among the first things a new Governor should do is offer a tax credit/rebate to homeowners and businesses moving into the cities. On a related note, we are planning to shoot my next thriller movie from my company ‘Exit 19 Productions” in Mississippi because the state is offering up to 30% back on all the money we spend locally. Why isn’t NJ doing the same thing and including retailers and manufacturers?  

It’s time for common sense solutions to the problems in NJ and across the country. Most of us are tired of the rhetoric and lip service from both parties. There are good people who believe in sensible policies on both sides of the aisle. The mission now is to educate and promote the policies that will work to save this state and move the country forward, regardless of the party registration of the advocate.