Spadea: Time for a Common Sense AUDIT of NJ Taxes

“We’ve all heard about being audited by the IRS, one of the reasons it pays to have a professional do your taxes!

In New Jersey, I think it’s time we reverse the audit and have a complete analysis of NJ taxes. Remember when the rain tax was put into place? Forget about the big ones, state income tax, business tax, etc, life in New Jersey is sometimes compared to ‘death by a thousand cuts’.

The Common Sense Club is working with our friends at the CSI group in order to get the ball rolling and audit the hundreds of taxes and billions in revenue that never seem to be accounted for…costing middle class taxpayer more every year.

I just heard about the pumpkin tax. That’s right, unless of course you’re eating the pumpkin. Got me thinking, what other ‘small’ taxes has your government imposed on us over the past 17 years of a Democratic majority in Trenton?

Wanna fix this state? Let’s have a comprehensive list of all the taxes and then cut most of them. It’s time to audit the auditors and start to take this state back for working and middle class families.”