Spadea: It’s Common Sense To Fight Medical Mandates, Especially for COVID.

People deserve a choice. Especially when it comes to the use of medical devices, preventative care and drugs. What is happening in our country right now is reprehensible. People are being forced to choose between a Big Pharma concoction that they don’t want and the keeping the job they need to feed their families. The same choices are being pushed on school children and many other parts of our society. Given the high survival rate from covid – even with co-morbidities – and the medical science showing how superior natural immunity is for most combined with the nearly zero impact on younger healthy people, mandates make ZERO sense.  NJ Attorney and civil rights champion Dana Wefer joined me on my radio show to discuss her latest lawsuit against the state of New Jersey.

First some good news as her lawsuit on behalf of several students at a New Jersey college is headed to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Hopefully the students who are fighting against vaccine discrimination and segregation will have a chance to see their rights restored. Dana explained that in addition to the progress on behalf of New Jersey students, she has filed the largest suit if it’s kind earlier this week. The latest lawsuit focuses on the unjust and inexplicable mandates being handed down by the state. As you know, as an advocate of civil liberties and common sense, it’s easy to feel alone in the sea of idiocy which has become all too common in the halls of government.

The good news is that champions like Dana Wefer are fighting hard on your behalf. The suit filed on Monday October 18th challenges the testing mandate imposed on NJ teachers.  The Governor, office of legislative services and the Chief Justice of the Nj Supreme Court are all named in the suit.  What is important about this lawsuit is that Dana has identified that the testing component is as intrusive as the vaccine itself. The bottom line is you have rights to your own medical decisions.

I’ve made the argument for more than a year now that Covid is simply not as deadly for younger healthy people as the media wants you to believe. I’ve explained my own stance against mandatory testing as an ‘opt-out’ for the vaccine. The entire narrative is flawed and not based on the science showing the relatively low mortality rate and the fact that most people impacted by covid are older and suffering with co-morbidities. Given this, why are vaccines not distributed through doctors and advised for people who have complications? Of course, even then, with the recent death of fully vaccinated Colin Powell, it would seem that mandates won’t be saving many lives. But they certainly could be claiming some.

If you look at the reported deaths after being vaccinated for Covid – now numbering more than sixteen thousand – the mandate itself could be causing far more harm than the corporate media will tell you. Why would anyone be forced to take this risk – even if it is small compared to the number of vaccines delivered?

Who should decide your medical choices? The government? Big Pharma? This is a dangerous path that we are headed down and thankfully there are attorneys and patriots with the Common Sense to fight back.