Spadea: Government Assault on Low Cost, Clean Energy Defies Common Sense.

Spadea caught up with Eric DeGesero who is the executive director of the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey. These are the hard working men and women who started small businesses and provide critical fuel to homes, vehicles and businesses. All are under assault as the government in NJ and Washington blame fossil fuel for natural climate change convincing a majority of voters that attacking our way of life will somehow save the planet. Given the fact that we have clean, efficient and low cost energy provided by natural gas and home heating oil and the air hasn’t been this clean in decades, the plan defies common sense. It’s the details that they are leaving out that will likely change that support however…Jeanette Hoffman who serves as the spokeswoman for also joined to fill us in on the push back from some in the NJ legislature.

Knowing that America is the largest producer of natural gas in the world and in places like New Jersey three out of every four homes utilize this low cost, clean burning fossil fuel, is it time for the government to back off? Solar and wind are far too inefficient  to supply the grid with power based on the Energy Information Agencies reported ‘capacity factors’. And with the Democrats plan to force all homes and businesses to rely on the electric grid exclusively, costs will skyrocket and many small businesses will go under. All in the name of ‘blaming’ the natural and ongoing climate change on YOUR comfort and lifestyle. It defies common sense and logic. 

Fossil Fuel energy is affordable. Fossil fuel supplied energy has never been cleaner. Fossil fuels are abundant and allow America to be independent of dictatorships and governments involved with terrorism. Fossil fuel allows for an abundance of energy that creates ‘a rising tide to lift all boats’ to paraphrase President Ronald Reagan. When government attacks fossil fuel in the name of ‘climate change’ energy costs go up and people have to live with rationing. It’s time to reverse course in America and embrace our natural energy resources. Most importantly give people a choice in how they want to heat their homes, businesses and provide for their families.