Spadea: Common Sense to Stand with Southwest Airline Pilots Association

It’s clear to me that the so-called ‘health crisis’ is long over. Hospitals are not overwhelmed – even in the midst of cold and flu season – and normal activities have resumed with packed stadiums, restaurants, bars and concert venues. All this with nearly half of the nation NOT vaccinated for Covid. If you check out the map from the Mayo clinic it’s really interesting to see that the states with the lowest vaccine rates are among the most open with people packing college and NFL stadiums and carrying on as free Americans. 

Despite the fact that in ‘covid-crazy’ Israel, nearly two-thirds of those hospitalized are fully vaccinated many American companies are forcing people to choose between taking the jab or losing their job. Despite the fact that in Norway ALL covid related restrictions have been lifted and there has been no surge in sickness or cases. In Sweden they have nearly achieved ‘zero covid’ with cases as low as 5 per 100,000. And they did it without EVER locking down, without ANY mask mandates and keeping school kids in school – without masks and without distance.  Thankfully, the governor of Texas gets it and has used his executive authority to prevent ANY discrimination or segregation based on vax status. The Governor in Florida has been fighting the vax mandates since May of this year, signing similar legislation to protect health choices. 

Thankfully, many Americans are waking up. As you know, on a personal level I drew the “Line in the Sand” with my own company refusing to submit to any future vaccine mandate and refusing to be tested. Now, the Southwest Airline Pilots Association is suing the airline of the mandate and gaining traction as pilots are taking matters into their own hands with a couple thousand flights canceled over the weekend. Former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul had a strong take on the pilot’s action:

“Seemingly out of nowhere what appears to be a Southwest Airlines rebellion has taken flight this weekend. According to media reports, scores of pilots and other Southwest employees have coordinated the taking of “sick days” to use them up in advance of a Southwest Airlines mandate to get the jab or lose the job. Over Saturday and Sunday more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled, with airports experiencing full-on mayhem.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is suing the airline over the imposed vaccine mandate, bolstering the claim that there is a “sick out” underway among angry Southwest pilots.” – Hon. Ron Paul 

He went on to discuss the insanity of firing health care workers who are refusing to jab:

“Over the past few weeks, thousands of nurses, medical workers, and first responders have either quit or been fired for refusing to receive a medical treatment they do not want or need. The “nursing shortage” that Democrat politicians and the mainstream media had been blaming on “rising Covid cases” has been in reality a man-made disaster of historic proportions. The nursing crisis is not caused by “Covid” – cases have been in decline in the US for weeks. It is caused by the firing of medical personnel who refuse to take the experimental Covid shots.” – Hon. Ron Paul

So here we are. Red states standing up for freedom and normal American culture. Blue state’s like New York, NJ and California enforcing mandates and crippling policies which are endangering our communities, our families and out businesses.  Will the resistance to tyranny ever take hold in blue states? I hope so and will continue to encourage disruption in order to change the course of the tyranny being imposed by blue state governors and the complicit corporate elites and their shills in the media. Do you stand with me? If so, draw the line and fight back. If not, because you don’t think forcing a jab or a mask is a big deal, don’t be surprised when the encroaching arm of government comes for you. History always repeats. It’s common sense.