A Small Business Call to Action

Community Businesses is Making a Comeback in NJ

Every Monday on my morning drive radio show I give local businesses an opportunity to present themselves to our huge audience. It’s the least I can do to help considering that NJ continues to rank at the very bottom of ‘business friendly’. Onerous taxes and regulations – not to mention a feckless legislature who has allowed the Governor to exercise nearly unlimited power to close and fine businesses in the name of a ‘public health emergency.’  An emergency that was clearly over – according to the stated goals of the pols – when we had more beds than patients. And that happened in April 2020.  

Now we still hear the reports of ‘rate of infection’ and scary doom and gloom from selfish, evil actors like Tony Fauci telling people to be scared of Thanksgiving and eat outside or leave all the windows open…patently ridiculous. Of course the constant fear mongering convincing many to be afraid of normal interactions has taken a huge toll on NJ business. 

Here at the Common Sense Club we’re putting together a “Small Business Caucus” that will serve as an interactive way of networking and promoting your business.  We know that regardless of all of the obstacles, NJ small business entrepreneurs are resilient. And fighting back. The great thing about our friends and neighbors in NJ who have taken the step to open a small business is that they recognize the value of our communities.

Had a conversation with a good friend recently – who leans waaaay Left – and found that our common ground is the fact that it’s a good trend that folks are starting to focus on acting, living and working locally. Farm to table restaurants, local game shops and small retail shops that have a very different feel from the mass-produced stuff you get from online retailers. 

If you have a small business and you’re ready to fight to make New Jersey a place to thrive, then join us. Get started by providing your information and we’ll be in touch about. Our next networking event in Monmouth and Morris counties after the November 2021 elections.

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By chipping in $800 for 1 year or $2k for 3 years, you can join the coalition.

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