Parental Rights Under Assault. Join Spadea to Fight Back

For a few weeks, I’ve been talking about the radical policies, such as the “Gender-Affirming” policies, being implemented in grade school curriculums across the state.

One of the big concerns that parents have is that not only are they left out of the process and the conversation between school officials and their child, but the “affirmation” is about whatever the child “feels” like on a particular day.

This new policy is being supported at the federal level with new guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services “Office of Population Affairs.” I didn’t know that department existed, either.

Your government is pushing these policies at any age. Here is the Lawrence Township (Mercer) school district’s curriculum for its “Kindergarten Social Justice” lesson on “Gender Identity/True Self.”

A page from the “Kindergarten Social Justice” curriculum of the Lawrence Township school district.

That translates into a kindergartener being able to decide in class that they want to change their biological sexual identity and the state’s guidance is to have the school go along with the child without having to inform the parents. These are kids who still believe that Santa Claus comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve and the Easter Bunny delivers candy.

The lines of adulthood and parental rights are being erased by this new policy. Disney is going along fully with this agenda, eliminating the terms “boys and girls” and saying that they are “adding queerness” to their programming to push their “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” Those are the exact words of a Disney executive.

It’s up to you whether you continue to spend your money on Disney entertainment and theme parks. For me, honestly, I’ve never been a big fan so dropping them isn’t that difficult. Besides that, we are empty-nesters so we’re not dealing with what so many parents are dealing with regarding the assault on their kids in school.

It’s one of the reasons I am fighting hard. The very idea that children are being subjected to a radical agenda is wrong on many levels. First, the push essentiality takes advantage of the confusion many kids have over who they are. Some kids think they are dinosaurs when they are little. If “affirming” were applied to the biological sex of the child, it’s being labeled as bigotry. This is madness. In my opinion, this could inadvertently force the issue of transitioning on children without parental involvement.

Beyond the issue of transgenderism, there’s a push for vaccine segregation and critical race theory all thrust on your kids without parental involvement.

In order to put my money, time, and effort where my mouth is every day on the air, I launched the Common Sense Club a few months ago. We have signed up 30,000 members in the past 14 weeks and are now adding more than a thousand a week. Our first effort is to fight for parents’ rights, which we’re doing with the “Parental Bill of Rights” being sponsored in the state Senate by Sens. Mike Testa and Joe Pennachio and on the Assembly side by Christian Barranco and Beth Sawyer.

Testa and Barranco joined me on the show Monday morning.

We had our first event at the Town and Country Inn in Keyport, New Jersey on Saturday and packed the house with concerned parents who stepped up to become citizen signers of our Parental Bill of Rights.

The difference with this bill is that YOU can sign as a “citizen signer” and have your voice represented in the fight.