Omicron: What You Need to Know…about the Movie(s).

In 1963 Italian director Ugo Gregoretti directed a movie about an alien who takes over the body of a factory worker in order to study human behavior with the goal of taking over our planet. Scary stuff if it were true. Interestingly enough, Gregoretti died in 2019. That’s right, the director of a film which shares the name with the newest coronavirus mutation died RIGHT BEFORE THE PANDEMIC LOCKDOWNS started. Coincidence? Ummm…yeah,  he was 88 years old. It did get me thinking though…

As we learned from the CDC nearly all people (94%) who are recorded as dying “from covid” had 2-3 serious health conditions like cancer, heart disease and diabetes yet those deadly conditions are ignored and the public is told to be scared of Covid. Die from cancer with a positive Covid test? Covid death. Die right after getting the vaccine despite being in perfect health? Must’ve had an unknown co-morbidity. This is the kind of insane thing being spread by the media and through our school system. Logic, reason and yes, Common Sense are out the window.
So obviously the good director was not (OK, most likely not) a victim of some globalist conspiracy…but there is certainly some conspiracy stuff that might be relevant when it comes to another death in 2019. His name was Kary Mullis. You say you’ve never heard of him? 

He’s the guy who won the Nobel prize for creating the PCR method’. He was 74 and reportedly died from complications from pneumonia. Of course there will be those that lay out the conspiracy theory that he was ‘silenced’.

Here’s the reality. Regardless of how Mullis met his end, his voice which may have brought Common Sense to the covid discussion was silenced. Of course given the fact that the corporate media and social media oligarchs have ‘silenced’ objectors to the ‘group think’ of masks, lockdowns and vaccines, he may have been unable to be heard regardless. It is worth noting that the man was a giant in the science field and had been one of the original objectors to the fake science which silences opposition instead of learning from new discoveries and reality.

Mullis, Reportedly has been opposing scientific ‘group think’ for decades and according to at least one researcher who knew him personally, opposing the idea of using his ‘method’ as a test for viral infection’. Even the New York Times reported on the PCR data being analyzed by the CDC showing that the tests may not be as accurate as reported. Despite the availability of facts and the data that Mullis brought to the table, the voice of Kary Mullis continues to be ignored and silenced.

So here we are. Public policy flying in the face of reality and the government and corporate media haven’t relented.  And to make matters worse, now the public alarm has been sounded with the latest ‘variant’ OMICRON and Dr. Fauci is essentially warning that lockdowns could be coming our way. 

For me, I’m going to listen to the science coming from the doc who discovered the variant. She downplayed the seriousness of the illness it causes and described it as, well, mild. Are we to believe that everytime we ‘discover’ a new variant we will have to deal with the corporate media calling for lockdowns that we KNOW beyond any reasonable doubt created a situation leading to excess and many unecessary deaths, not to mention the economic devastation caused by government action and fearful, ignorant people.

The good news is you have choices when it comes to Omicron research. Forget the variant, that will just make your head spin. I’d rather talk about the movies. You can try to find the original ‘Omicron’ but I’m guessing it will be difficult and I’m not sure it’s available with subtitles even if you find it. Here’s my recommendation if you’re interested in ‘life imitating art’ when it comes to ‘Omicron’…and all the other variants that will be coming our way in the next few months and years…”The Visitor from Planet Omicon” This one is about a corrupt government, an alien virus and the benefits of local food. Yup, it’s all in the description on IMDB:

“An alien comes to earth with a botanical virus, but a gutsy Arizona widow wins him over with her garden-fresh cooking, and then tries to topple the corrupt government that put him up to it.”

Enjoy the movie and try not to get too caught up in the Omicron insanity. Common Sense will eventually prevail.