NJ Parents Score First Victory Against Radical Trans Agenda.

Parents across New Jersey are waking up to realize that while they were locked down over the summer of 2020, the state Department of Education was hard at work designing a curriculum to “normalize” porn and gender transitioning studies for kids as young as 5.

Many thought that nothing could be done to fight what average people seem to think is just a bit of an overreach.

The good news is one school district has already fought back with a resounding “No”.

The Garwood, NJ Board of Ed voted down any implementation of the new state guidelines. BOE member Sal Piarulli joined me on air to discuss the resolution he drafted and the reaction from parents.

As I make my way around the state, I’m seeing bigger crowds and many new faces at our town hall events. Parents who never thought they needed to be involved in local politics are paying attention now.

Whether it’s critical race theory, tampons in middle school boys’ bathrooms, or gender transition studies in grade schools, many New Jersey parents have had enough.

As we’ve discussed, I launched a parental bill of rights and enabled parents to sign the bill and send a letter to their legislators. In a little over a week, we generated 37,000 letters from parents expressing their opposition to the new school curriculum.

As I make my way around the state, meeting the moms, dads, and small business owners, it’s clear that there is an energy building to save this great state. We will take back our education system by empowering parents, ending the racist CRT, and putting a stop to the sexualizing of grade school kids.

Beyond that, we’ll uphold civil and medical freedom, restore what was lost among all first responders who have been discriminated against, cut the regulatory burden on small businesses and create a tax system that creates an incentive for local towns and counties to cut spending.

It’s all possible in just a few short years. Remember, you can’t trust most politicians. You have to be wary of any politicians who were silent during two years of lockdowns and now want your vote.

It’s time to get the government working again for the people. No excuses for the sheer incompetence and ignorance of the Department of Labor and Motor Vehicle Commission. We’re paying an awful lot for a broken, mismanaged, bloated government. Time we take it back.

We need to vote and use our voice.