NJ Needs Courage and Common Sense, Not Political Talking Points.

Here are Six things that should be done through Executive Orders as a new Governor takes office in order to undo the damage done over the past two years.

  1. Eliminate Mask Mandates for ALL schools, this is not a local issue, it’s a public health crisis that our kids are suffering under arbitrary mandates. The position to ‘leave it up to the schools’ or even parents for that matter – when you really understand the mental and physical health damage that can occur – simply avoids the issue.
  2. Eliminate ALL vaccine mandates – even for private companies. The government has a duty to stand up for civil and medical liberty. No employer has a right to force people to choose between your livelihood and a medical procedure. And those of you hiding behind the 1905 ruling https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/197/11/ …there are two reasons why it holds no water. First there was an opt out based on paying a fee and second there was no treatment for small pox. Paying a fee is not a medical procedure so testing instead of vaccinating is still a medical mandate. AND we know that here are several treatments for Covid that have been used effectively by hospitals around the world.
  3. Eliminate Government Roadblocks for businesses closed by lockdown policies and create tax incentives for reopening. Use emergency funding afforded the state through the pandemic to make as many businesses as possible whole.
  4. Restore the job of ANYONE fired for not following a covid mandate – or provide financial support.
  5. Announce the New Jesey Ports will accept ALL ships currently anchored off shore and mobilize the national guard to unload the containers where there are staffing shortages.
  6. Announce a tax incentive for all parents who have opted out of public schools to continue the home schooling and micro-schooling programs.

New Jerseyans cannot afford to go back to the days where the only reason to support a candidate is because that candidate is not the incumbent. Remember the disaster that Christy Whitman was when she moved money around and stuck future generations with the bill to ‘pay for’ tax cuts?? She won because the state turned on Governor Florio who made a colossal mistake of pushing a tax increase through in the middle of the night. The same thing happened with Chris Christie being elected because Corzine was a mess and couldn’t make the policy case for re-election.  Under Christie our state got worse, taxes, debt and spending all rose with no end or relief in sight. Enter Murphy and the anger among so many New Jerseyan’s who have suffered under the immoral lockdowns and mandates. But jumping out of the pan and into the fire will put us right back where we started. That’s not to say that Jack may be short term better than Murphy. It is to say that if we don’t start thinking long term about educating people on policy instead of having knee-jerk reactions to candidates it will only be a matter of time before all producers and critical thinkers head out of NJ to free America. 

My job is to help those of us “Diggin In” to stay in a place that defends our personal freedom and economic prosperity. 

My job is to focus on the issues that are important to New Jerseyans. 

My job is not to be a shill for any candidate. Unless we push back and expose the weakness, we will get a Governor elected solely based on the failure of the last guy instead of the actual policies necessary to save this state.

Don’t be afraid to speak up simply because you are afraid to lose. We can and must hold every politician accountable regardless of party and promises. It’s Common Sense.