NJ Attorney fighting for teachers and court workers

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented erosion of individual liberty and medical privacy.

The pandemic panic and lockdowns not only crushed small businesses across the state but undermined the very foundation of freedom and privacy.

One of the most intrusive and seemingly never-ending policies was the forced testing of health, judicial, and education employees.

NJ attorney Dana Wefer took up the fight on behalf of many of these workers. She joined me on the show to discuss the tremendous progress in the fight to restore rights and privacy and ensure those harmed will be compensated for the hardship.

Because of Dana’s aggressive fight for civil liberty, the governor backed down and rescinded Order 253 a week after Dana filed her motion. The state then asked the judge to delay the hearing because the point was moot after the governor rescinded the order.

Of course, they missed the point that even after the order went away, the judiciary and the Office of Legislative Services were still requiring weekly testing.

The judge at first sided with Dana and scheduled the hearing for Aug. 23 but then as the state relentlessly begged, she moved it back to Sept 6. Last week, the remaining mandates were rescinded.

Dana is not dropping the lawsuit as many of her clients, including a parole officer, school nurse, and teachers have a legitimate claim for damages caused by the state’s arbitrary and unnecessary mandates.

If you have been subjected to endless testing, quarantines, tracing, and other egregious violations of your rights, Dana Wefer is giving you the voice you deserve. The goal is to make sure this affront to liberty and intrusion into privacy never happens again.

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