New Jersey’s Future Depends On Us. Will YOU fight with me?

It’s beyond comprehension that the New Jersey government has devolved so quickly over the past twenty years, but it has happened. From the “F-“ rating from renowned economist Stephen Moore to non-functioning government services and radical agenda sexualizing kids supported by members of both parties, NJ needs a course correction.

Over the next few months, we’ll be discussing and presenting policy changes that will fix the problems in the long term. In the meantime, we need to discuss the solutions with our friends and neighbors so they don’t fall for the enticements of other states who are picking up the pieces of our broken system. Yes, there are states PAYING people to leave and join them.

As New Jersey continues to suffer from irresponsible, selfish, and out-of-control politicians, many people are looking for the exit. So many that for the past four years, NJ has topped the chart for the highest percentage of people moving out (71% in 2021) compared to those moving to NJ. It’s a combination of high taxes, government incompetence, lack of opportunity, over-regulation on small businesses and just the overall cost of living, thriving and retiring in the Garden State.

We will fix it and as you know, I have a plan that we have launched through my new organization. But fixing what is broken in NJ isn’t a quick remedy and will take at least the 2023 and 2035 election cycles to get us on the path of true affordability. So if you truly can’t afford to dig in with me, here are a few places around the country that will PAY YOU to move there:

Topping the list?

Tulsa Oklahoma, Newton Iowa, Alaska, and Vermont. All places that will give you a hefty sum – up to $10,000 – to move there?  Check out the full list here.