New Jersey Getting Less Recognizable Every Season, Fight Back

Ignorance and fear are still running rampant in the Garden State as we hear people talking about reducing the size of holiday gatherings and leaving elderly relatives either isolated for the season – or forcing them to sit by open windows with expected temps dropping into the 30s and 40s for the upcoming holiday season. Totally absurd.

First of all, we know just about everything we need to know about covid, from the mostly mild to zero symptoms for most people, to the crazy high survival rate for even those who are older and unhealthy. Kids are almost entirely unaffected and based on the World Health Organization, the CDC and government health agencies across the world, we know that the sick and dying are nearly all, over the age of 70, severely overweight, lacking vitamin D and already suffering with an average of 3 co-morbidities. The idea of ‘focused protection‘ offered by thousands of medical professionals including some of the top minds in the medical field from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford is ignored by the corporate media outlets as we witness experienced doctors and nurses dismissed as ”tin foil’ hat wearers and canceled on social media platforms and in many cases being terminated from their jobs altogether.

It’s gotten so bad that I had to repost an official NJ Senate hearing with experts questioning the mask mandates for kids because YouTube took it down. Vaccine status judgment and discrimination are in full swing in our area and with the governor’s likely re-election, it is only going to get worse.

We’ve all heard about the reported deaths from the vaccine as reported by the Washington state health department and the federal government ‘vaccine adverse event reporting system’. To date reported deaths, according to the Health And Human Services reporting system, have topped 15,000. What is interesting is that corporate media is quick to dismiss vaccine injuries and deaths – even questions about vaccines and natural immunity – going so far as to vilify and mock the other side as ‘anti-vax’. It’s a sad state of censorship that we are living through.  Government and corporate elites have come together to suppress civil, economic and religious liberties. For many of us, the national dialogue is unrecognizable.

I’m not sure how this ends, but I know this, we will be gathering for the holidays. We will be unmasked, unvaccinated and super-spreading humanity. I hope for your sake and the sake of your kids and the country, you will do the same.

Either way, I will continue to fight for you. Speaking loudly every morning on the show, Joining you on social media and of course continuing to build on the success of my new political group which has added thousands of new members in just a few short weeks. Stay strong. Keep the faith and the fight.