New Jersey and New York Crushed by the Latest Test-Demic

Thousands of flights canceled. Headline stories warning of disaster and mayhem caused by the ever-changing coronavirus. All a part of our new-normal, fear mongering culture that dominates conversation in New York and New Jersey. Seemingly ignoring the facts about how less deadly Omicron is shaping up to be – just look at the statements from the docs who discovered it using the term “very mild” to describe most symptoms.

“Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a private practitioner and chair of South African Medical Association, told Reuters that on Nov. 18 she noticed seven patients at her clinic who had symptoms different from the dominant Delta variant, albeit “very mild”.”

As far as actual results we have seen many reports confirming that hospitalizations and deaths have barely moved in South Africa – despite the rampant spread of the variant. AND the fact that only one in four South Africans are vaccinated. 

“Even as Omicron cases exploded in South Africa, hospitalizations and death counts barely moved. In fact, they were lower than they had been at almost any point since the epidemic began.

The panic porners would have liked to give vaccines the credit, but they couldn’t. South Africa is barely vaccinated by American standards, much less European. Only about 1 in 4 South Africans is fully vaccinated, and boosters are basically nonexistent.” -Former NY Times Reporter Alex Berenson

So how is this impacting air travel? Simple, we have established protocols for testing and quarantining “Asymptomatic” AKA Healthy people. Crews are testing and being grounded because of a variant that may not even show symptoms let alone endanger healthy people. 

“U.S. health officials this week halved guidance to five days of quarantine for asymptomatic Americans who catch the coronavirus. Airline industry experts say that will alleviate the staffing issues that have forced airlines to scratch flights — but the flight attendants unions say they’re wary of the change and its effect on worker health. Yet cases of omicron, the fast-spreading variant of the COVID-19 virus, continue to rise.” 

We are caught in a panic loop that continues to damage our economy and the mental health of our region. Every day hospitalizations are reported and it seems regardless of symptoms and comorbidities, any hospitalization with a positive test is now potentially ‘due to omicron’. Based on this and the fact that every year at this time, hospitalizations increase due to seasonal respiratory diseases we are seeing the possibility of a ‘permanent’ health crisis. The problem for New York and New Jersey residents is that even if you want to escape the madness of the constant news cycle of fear and doom, it’s hard to catch a flight without massive disruption. For me, I went the RV route and will no longer rely on the chaotic scheduling and absurd protocols that has become this decade’s air travel.

Interestingly enough in states like Florida and Texas, life is back to normal as healthy people simply aren’t running to get tested and then rushing ERs. It’s time to stop testing healthy people and return to Free America. We have simple treatments for covid that have been available the entire time but hidden from the public due to the corrupt pharma/big hospital vaccine push. Now that the mutated virus is on display for all to see as a mild form of its former self, and hospitals are quite prepared to deal with seasonal respiratory illnesses, maybe we should put down the tests and focus on healthier living.