Common Sense: You (should) have the Right to Choose Which Medical Treatment Is Best For You.

Emotional Conversation with NJ Lawyer fighting for Family of deceased woman

Nancy King passed away in a NJ hospital while her daughter Jennifer stood outside her hospital room with medicine prescribed by her primary care physician and her attorney pleaded with the Judge. The hospital fought in court to stop the patient from receiving the meds. Ivermectin, which is approved for use in people and has been for decades, has been vilified and smeared in favor of coerced vaccines. Lawyer John Coyle is standing up for patients. He shared that according to testimony in his last case a doctor who has treated 500 plus patients who had Covid, with Ivermectin – successfully – that at least 20% of medicine prescribed is so-called “off label” and the battle is about freedom of choice and not any specific drug. That term means that the FDA has approved drugsĀ for certain specific ailments but American doctors have the freedom to choose how best to treat their patients. If they think a certain drug, although labeled for one disease, might be helpful in fighting another, they can prescribe it to treat the patient. THe FDA guidelines are not a restriction – they are guidelines. Following my interview with John another person called about a similar situation and although successful in getting the hospital to back down and give the patient the right to choose, he died – some say because the hospital delayed the treatment for the three weeks of legal wrangling. The hysteria fueled by government, corporate bureaucrats and click bait media has led to a politicization of medicine and a dissolution of the doctor patient relationship. The fight is on to restore our liberty and right to choose our own path to health. THe legal system is broken but thanks to courageous patriots like John Coyle, we are gaining momentum in the fight to fix it.

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