Armed State Troopers Block Lawmakers from Capitol

On Thursday December 1st we saw something that changed the conversation in New Jersey. The Speaker of the Assembly and the Governor lost their cool after legislators defied the unconstitutional order to prevent members of the Republican Caucus from entering the voting chamber in Trenton. The battle lines were drawn over the refusal of the GOP caucus to comply with the Speaker’ order to provide proof of covid vaccination or a negative test. Forgetting for a moment that this time of year political are attending dinners, events and fundraisers…without the same protocols and have you seen the supermarkets and football stands? Right. But the fact that the rest of the country outside of California and New York are pretty much back to normal – including most of NJ, the Speaker stood screaming about safety and blamed the NJSP Troops at the state house for creating a security lapse. 

As we enter Christmas week, the lawmakers have business on the table in what is called the ‘Lame Duck’ session. According to the Speaker, the COVID protocol remains in effect. My friend, Assemblyman Jay Webber called in on his way to Trenton to defy the order and take his seat as a duly elected member of the legislature. He said clearly that he is willing to face being arrested by the Troops because he has a duty to meet his Constitutional obligations. 

Another elected legislator, Serena DiMaso called as she and several colleagues walked around the state house to gain entrance. Doors were locked and blocked by Troopers. We hear Serena, Jay and Assemblyman Brian Bergen live as the Trooper at the public entrance refused to allow them access. This is a clear abuse of power. Shame on the Troopers at the state house for following these orders. History has not been kind to armed men who cowardly hide behind the line that they were ‘just following orders. Hopefully in NJ, we will see a serious backlash in 2022 and 2023 as normal people reject the policies of ridicule, discrimination, segregation and isolation. History repeats and we’re seeing the worst of it unfolding in the Garden State.

Stay tuned as this story unfolds.